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The character sketch of a parent

Mathrudevobhava, Pithrudhevobhava …

It is definitely apt to equate parents with God. God gives us prosperity so that we can shower him with flowers. Parents provide us with the tools (say education) to attain riches so that we can look after them well in their later years. To prove this point to a greater extent, I ask you to look upon the behavior of parents in your vicinity. If their child has a decent intellect, they care for him more. I urge all those intellectual minds who are reading this to ask your parents, ‘Why did you choose to give birth to me?’ In order to make their job easy, you can provide them with four options.

  1. Every Munni, Sheela and Chameli around me is bearing kids. I don`t want people to doubt my potence.
  2. I want someone to take care of me in my old age.
  3. I want to be praised for raising such an accomplished son/daughter.
  4. I found a condom too costly. I want someone to be dominated by me just as I was by my parents.

Ask your parents to either choose any of these 4 options or come up with an original reason.

There is no wrong with having a son or daughter for your own ends. But it is important for the parents to realize that children are not part of the agreement. They are coerced into it by a moment of lust. None of your sons or daughters has said,’ Momma, please give birth to me. I wish to be a top surgeon or engineer and give eternal fame to you.’ I don`t want to imply all parents are as mentioned above. It would have been really nice if they are not.


Character Sketch of friend

This is a rant post. ICSE students will remember that character sketch is an important constituent of project work in English. After all these years, I am going to try describing the character of friend.

Ally is a more apt word in today`s world. Let me recount the nature of allies I have had since my childhood.

Primary school: I was more of a victim rather than a bully. So my co-victims befriended me and we sought solace in our weakness. The grudge towards our violators united us.
Secondary school: I was exceptional in studies.The friends I developed during this period were those who would discuss for hours (in my presence) on whether I would stand first in the class or not. They would feed my ego through subtle praises and I would reciprocate by doing most of their project work and helping them in exam preparations.

University: I sucked in technical subjects. I was good at humanities though. Most of my time was spent watching movies or playing games. My friends in this phase are:

1. Those who got good scores and did not want to be tagged as “loners.”. Being with me was equivalent to having a life, lol. People who could not find the time to accompany me to the theaters would watch the movies on their PCs and crow to the entire world on facebook lest others might think they were working on the assignment due next week.

2. Those who detested the people in 1 and wanted to cover up their mediocre performances with the line “I have a life which you don`t.” It would not be a complete mistake to think I belong to this set of people.


I don`t have much to write about this phase as I was not in any job for over 9 months.

Combining all these phases, I come up with this description of a friend.

1. One who either looks up to you to subjugate his self to or takes a condescending attitude to feed his pride.

2. If not 1, he considers you to be his equal and asks for help/assists you in bringing down a strong person/ further humiliating a weakling.

3. One who finds you a sharer of his grudge or misfortune.

Is there anything which you can`t do for yourself but which your friend can do?

Of course, you can`t send a “happy birthday” sms to your mobile from your mobile.




A new blog

I have decided to create a blog and write anonymously. This blog is a result of that.

The need to create this anonymous blog

 I want Mr.Wordpress to know me more intimately keeping a few voyeuristic friends of mine out of the loop.

I am bored of writing politically correct posts. I don`t want to have a reputation to protect.

I think it is cool, lol.

Why I want to publicize this blog?

Like my fellow countrymen, I feed on naught but appreciation and compliments. (The narcissist in me refuses to believe there can be ridicule too)

The more the number of people who read this space, the more it lures me into writing.