What are you laughing at?

X: You should listen to me. Will you?
X: But it is for own good I am telling this. If you listen to me, it will benefit you. Will you?
X: What is wrong with you?
I: Wrong? You asked me a question and I gave you a reply.
X: But I want you to listen to me.
I: Then you should issue an order.
X: I want you to understand. It is for your own good.
I: This discussion or my understanding?
X: I do not get you.
I: It does not matter.
X(sighs): So will you do it?
I: You are not ordering me.
X: I don`t want to be like everyone else. I want you to have a free hand in decisions regarding your life.
I: Do I have to hand over my life to you on a platter then?
X: No, it`s your life. It is just that if you give value to my judgement, you will prosper.
I(breaks into fits of laughter)
X: What are you laughing at?
I: At the futility of your talk.You are talking to me as if I am alive while in reality, you want me to be dead. You want me to take decisions and “grow” up in life by confirming to the principles of your mind. Why don`t you talk to a mirror? It will not nod with perfectly spaced pauses but it will not snigger for sure.

To all those who would identify themselves with Hank Rearden

End of my post and oh time is 6am on a saturday- should be the end of jackathons of a few friends.


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